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RGB Agent by Unfinished Pixel (Marcos Torrecillas, Raul Vega, Marcos Nogue, Miki Company, Raul Rubio). The world needs you! Go to the flat roof of the building of the company avoiding to be spotted. Use your chameleon powers and adapt to the environment color, hide behind the obstacles, use the smoke bombs, whistles and other items to keep moving forward and stop the villains that will destroy the city!

About this developer: Unfinished pixel is a Team born in Barcelona, when 4 colleagues started to do small games as an entertainment on their spare time. They enjoy researching on new platforms and do some fun an innovative stuff.

The CREATE Game Jam, sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, is an online contest challenging developers to make playable prototypes in just 10 days. Many world-class games were initially conceived in game jams. Don't have an OUYA? Pre-order one here.