This is a prototype for OUYA made in just a few days. Share this game on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to help the developers win CREATE and compete for $45,000 in prizes.

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Bushil Bash by Greenhill Games (Jared Hilliers "Jazz", Benny Hill "Kyro", "Princess Phoenix", Pauline Moss "Snackish"). Invite your friends! with its true 4-player Co-Op and Battle Royal Game Modes Bushil Bash can be described as cheeky beat em up fun for OUYA. It sports custom battle modes, game changing power-ups and a level progression co-op mode. Bushil Bash is an upcoming OUYA title developed by Greenhill Games.

About this developer: Greenhill Games is a up-and-coming game developer primarily developing Monster Catching games such as Monster Battle Arena (Web) and GeoSociety (iPhone). Founded by Jared Hilliers and Benny Hill.

The CREATE Game Jam, sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, is an online contest challenging developers to make playable prototypes in just 10 days. Many world-class games were initially conceived in game jams. Don't have an OUYA? Pre-order one here.