This is a prototype for OUYA made in just a few days. Share this game on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to help the developers win CREATE and compete for $45,000 in prizes.

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Survival by Mason Barry (Mason Barry). Objective: Eat enemies the same size or smaller than you while avoiding the bigger enemies. As you eat you will grow. Score big to level up! Each level gets a bit faster.

About this developer: Hi, My name is Mason and I'm just beginning to learn how to make games. I primarily use Unity for game development because its powerful and easy enough for beginners. I am a very retro style person, and hope to make new games with that nostalgic feel of the classics.

The CREATE Game Jam, sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, is an online contest challenging developers to make playable prototypes in just 10 days. Many world-class games were initially conceived in game jams. Don't have an OUYA? Pre-order one here.