This is a prototype for OUYA made in just a few days. Share this game on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to help the developers win CREATE and compete for $45,000 in prizes.

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Twisted Tourney by Seriously Deranged Studios (Jason Mandelbaum, David Kisluk, Clayton Andrews, Jackie Wiley, Carl Burdick, Nick Buonarota, Karl von Steuben, Alex Nowak, Ryan Caso). A cooperative, adrenaline-fueled adventure game that draws from classic games such as Gauntlet and Smash TV while establishing it's own hilarious and twisted style of gameplay.

About this developer: We are a group of Game Design and Development majors at Rochester Institute of Technology attempting to form a studio in order to release a game for the Ouya.

The CREATE Game Jam, sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, is an online contest challenging developers to make playable prototypes in just 10 days. Many world-class games were initially conceived in game jams. Don't have an OUYA? Pre-order one here.