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Super Ushi Adventures by Brightside Games (Thomas Bedenk, Johannes Giering, Markus Bedenk, Juan Miguel Lechuga, Oscar Maestre, Matthias Manhertz ). Super Ushi Adventures is a 4 player action tongue em up with retro graphics made by Brightside Games in 28 hours (three night game jam). Help your Ushi to fly, by tapping and holding the o button. Your goal is to collect 250 points. This can be achieved by collecting OUYAs, riddle boxes and coins with your tongue. Alternatively you can try to reach the finishing line for some extra points. But be aware! Its not as easy as it sounds, other Ushis will shoot you with fireballs, while those confusing boxes mess up your controls.

About this developer: Brightside Games is a flexible independent game development studio based in Berlin. Many years of professional experience in interaction design and coding, a profound educational background and fresh ideas in game design, are the ingredients for the powerful mix that is present in this team.

The CREATE Game Jam, sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, is an online contest challenging developers to make playable prototypes in just 10 days. Many world-class games were initially conceived in game jams. Don't have an OUYA? Pre-order one here.