Do I need an OUYA to enter?
If you already have an OUYA Developer Console, that's terrific — but you don't need one to enter or to make a game for OUYA. You can do it with off-the-shelf hardware. (Instructions are in the OUYA Developer Kit.)

To learn about developing for OUYA, and to download the OUYA Developer Kit, visit http://devs.ouya.tv. The forums are a great place to get questions answered and learn more about developing for OUYA.

You do, however, need to have either backed OUYA's Kickstarter or pre-ordered an OUYA from http://ouya.tv -- this is so we can prevent spam entries, without charging an entry fee. You will be asked to provide the email address you used for Kickstarter or your pre-order when you submit your prototype for review.

Can I submit a game I've already worked on, as long as it hasn't been released anywhere else?
No. In order to level the playing field, we are only accepting new work having been created between the initial CREATE announcement on January 7th and the end of the jam on January 23rd. If you're already working on a game for OUYA, perhaps try a new variation, or different take on the same theme! If you win a prize, you will be required to legally verify that this is true, so please be honest!

Do the games need to be "complete"?
Obviously, "finished" is a sliding scale but we would like something that would be ready to take to a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter. Much like other official game competitions, we expect the game to run appropriately and to be as completed as humanly possible. It needs to be playable, and the more complete it is, the better a sense the judges will have of its potential quality. Our judges won't have much time to troubleshoot, so a smooth experience is important!

What types of games are you looking for?
The sky's the limit! CREATE is meant to be an outlet for personal expression, but think hard on what types of games would work best for the OUYA. These should be designed for the optimal television-play experience -- either alone or with others.

For more thoughts on what will make a great OUYA game, check out this blog post from OUYA: http://www.ouya.tv/the-kind-of-games-we-want-on-ouya/

What is the submission time frame for the CREATE game jam?
Playable prototype game submissions will be accepted from January 14 until 11:59 PM EST on January 23rd. After submissions close on January 23, we'll post some information about each entry, including its YouTube video. We will announce finalists in each category on February 11, and winners on February 18.

Who is eligible to enter the CREATE game jam?
To enter, you'll need to confirm that you developed the game, that you backed or purchase an OUYA on Kickstarter or ouya.tv, have the rights to publish it and all integrated content (audio samples, artwork, characters), that it's a new game (not already released somewhere else, or raising money on Kickstarter), was created during the game jam period (January 7th to January 23rd), and that it doesn't have any no-no content (you know, hate speech, promotion of real-life violence, pornography, etc.)

What platform will the games be reviewed on / what type of code should I submit?
All submissions will be reviewed by our judges on OUYA dev kits. To ensure that your game is playable, please submit your prototype in an .apk file format, and follow the guidelines included with the OUYA Developer Kit.

If you have questions, please email create@killscreendaily.com