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Xbox 360, age 8, Sold on eBay

Xbox 360, age 8, Sold on eBay

This post was written as part of our collaboration with eBay.

The Kill Screen office Xbox 360, or "360" to its players, was listed on eBay Thursday, November 21, 2013, to make way for a younger, sleeker generation of consoles.

Born November 22, 2005 to its parent, the original Xbox, the 360 was lovingly placed on the TV stand alongside it siblings, Wii, and PS3. Playing host in the years that followed to new entries in exclusive franchises like Halo and Gears of War, the 360 quickly rose to prominence as the ringleader of the 7th Console Generation.

In 2009, amidst public fears that its career was past its prime, the 360 promptly announced its latest project, The Kinect camera, to lackluster interest. When that failed to jumpstart things, the 360 underwent a full makeover in 2010, returning from E3 as the 360 S, noticeably slimmer amidst speculation of having undergone some cosmetic surgery.

It spent the final months of an aging development cycle serving up reruns of Sports Night on Netflix and hosting Periodic Trials: Evolution face-offs.

The 360's owners considered putting the console into storage, saving it for some rainy day Borderlands 2 sessions, but then eBay announced its new Simple Flow system.

Improving upon prior attempts to offload old hardware on eBay, Simple Flow proved to be aptly named. Gone were the days of complicated shooting and uploading photos, scouring the box for specific product hardware details, and writing post copy from scratch. Instead, the owners were met with a portal that was pre-filled with all the necessary information, pictures, and stats to list the console quickly and easily. 

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The times were changing; younger, faster, more powerful and better looking consoles were on the horizon, and there was only so much space on the media center shelf. With premium prices being offered by panicked parents unable to secure newer consoles in time for the holidays, everyone agreed listing the 360 via Simple Flow was the best course of action. Surrounded by family and friends, and amidst hugs and perhaps even a few tears, the 360 was packed into the box from whence it came and carted to the local post office.

It is survived by four controllers, a spare Kinect, and a well worn copy of Halo Reach.

See how easy it is to list your old console using eBay's new Simple Flow experience here.

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