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The perfect videogames to play with your old man this Father’s Day

The perfect videogames to play with your old man this Father’s Day

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We were about to write your typical glib Father’s Day card sentiments to convince you that you should buy dad some of these fine videogames to celebrate his day in the sun. After all, games are fun and valuable life experiences and can create unforgettable bonds. But then we had a better idea.

You may know our founder Jamin Warren is the host of PBS Game/Show. In a thread for a recent episode, we received a very poignant and Dad Day-related comment.

00WARTHERAPY00 wrote the story of how he loved playing Xbox with his pop as a kid, until his father passed away. When he came back to the game Rally Sports Challenge ten years later, he met his father’s ghost. Not his spiritual, wispy, immaterial soul, but the ghost of his car from the time trials. The son was able to relive those good memories of gaming with dad by racing against his cyber-spirit. The story culminates touchingly—you should find out how it ends. And that’s the best argument we can think of for playing videogames with you old man.

So if you're looking for a few good ideas while there's still time to pick something up, check out our curated collections.

Games to Play with Your Pop on Father's Day is exactly what it sounds like. Sports games, shooters, even Mario Golf: World Tour. Games for all kinds of dad and kids to enjoy on the big day.

Our roundup of games that Give Dad a Father Figure to Sympathize With is a bit more existential, featuring fathers and father-figures from games like The Walking DeadThe Last of UsBioShock and more.

And if you’re feeling lucky, you can create your own #eBayDad collections of gifts for a chance to win $500 to shop on eBay.

Maybe you'll find some inspiration for this year's gift in our collections, or in eBay's sitewide gift guide. After all, how many sets of barbecue tools can one dad own?