• Pattern sequencer in Fract OSC will get you ready for your electronic music festival debut

Pattern sequencer in Fract OSC will get you ready for your electronic music festival debut

Somehow we missed this, but the folks at Phosfiend Systems today pointed us to the numerous tutorials they put together around the games release. There was one in particular, for their pattern sequencer, that caught our eye. A sequencer is one of the basics for creating music, and as it turns out, one of the basic tools for navigating the world of Fract.

Needlessly to say, we really enjoyed Fract OSC. Dan Solberg wrote:

FRACT offers a glimpse into what that reality could look like, but presents a new source of magic at the same time. Instead of bobbing your head out in the audience, now you’re behind the decks, steering the ship wherever you want it to go, even when you don’t know where you’ll end up. FRACT proves that it’s through your own creative input that you can continue to surprise yourself beyond those initial magical moments. 

And those magical moments are all constructed with the tools the world gives you. Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog (of the synthesizer and festival fame) famously narrated an encounter with Raymond Scott, another electronic music savant, and the latter's "Wall of Sound":

Raymond then brought us into the big room downstairs where he had music synthesis equipment. He had rack upon rack of stepping relays that were used by the telephone company. (The relay would step through all positions when dialed.) He had them hooked up to turn sounds on and off. It was a huge, electro-mechanical sequencer! And he had it programmed to produce all sorts of rhythmic patterns. The whole room would go 'clack - clack - clack,' and the sounds would come out all over the.place!

He could have just as easily been talking about learning to play Fract.