Some Life Lessons I Choose to Read into Super Hexagon to Partially Justify The Insane Amount of Time I've Put Into It

* Sometimes it's easier to go against the flow. Resistance is clarifying.

* Be direct. This isn't Super Scenic Route.

* Do only what you mean to do. Don't flail around like a nervous turd, be deliberate. That’s right, a nervous turd. 

* It sounds simple, but look where you're going.

* Yeah, getting the job is different than doing it. You may know how to execute a pattern but it ain't no use if you can't get in and out of it.

* Don't rage grind when your flow state is sitting there, only a couple deep breaths and some Tears for Fears away.

* Work is not its own reward, when you're being stupid about it. But if you're still learning something from it you're okay.

*If you don't know wtf just went down don't tap-tap past your debrief to start over, unless you want to see that particular freeze frame again and again.

* A minute is a long flippin' time. Fill it like you care.

* The system doesn't care if you win or lose. It matters if you care.

* Don't blink. That's when they GET YOU. Wait, that's - whatever, my eyes are seriously watering and I don't think my eyeliner's gone bad just yet. DON’T BLINK NEVER BLINK