Morning Cheat Sheet 3/1: Blizzard's layoffs, a new Baldur's Gate, and Sega's new CCO.

And now that the leap day is over, we can all get back to work, cause come on, it’s a real day again guys.

- Blizzard cut 600 jobs and though the vast majority of them had nothing to do with game development, that’s still sad news to hear.

- There may be a new Baldur’s Gate game in the works. A teaser site went up recently that seems to imply that the RPG franchise, dormant for a decade may be returning soon.

- Toshiro Nagoshi, head of the Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball games, has been promoted to Sega’s Chief Creative Officer.

- There is a huge Assassin’s Creed announcement coming soon. Does anyone remember when we started announcing announcements? Can we all agree to stop please?

- The Binding of Isaac has been turned down by Nintendo due to “questionable religious content.”

- Zone of the Enders HD will be coming to PS3 and 360 this fall.

- The FIFA Street demo is out now.

Alright! And that’s it! Quite a bit for a thursday morning but it was an eventful leap day! It only comes around every 4 years so they had to make it count. Check back later today for more news!

- Adnan Agha