• At last, EarthBound gets the paperback it deserves

At last, EarthBound gets the paperback it deserves

EarthBound for the Super Nintendo—with its several hundred dollar price tag on eBay—is the stuff of legend, and that’s why Ken Baumann wrote a book about it. As the first in a series of paperbacks to endearingly tribute classic games (including an upcoming one on Super Mario Bros. 2 by our own very talented Jon Irwin), the piece of nonfiction, simply titled EarthBound, dives deep into the history and cultural significance of this old-school RPG about a boy with a baseball bat whacking space men against a psychedelic backdrop. Also, plenty of fawning.

To give you a better perspective on this fabulous game and book, here’s a quote I found particularly illuminating:

Hundred million dollar games like Grand Theft Auto IV are made by reclusive Lamborghini-driving auteurs and massive teams of developers, programmed to simulate American hustle, but I don't think there's a game that embraces—and satirizes—America's sentimental mongrel spirit better than EarthBound, which was produced by less than twenty people, helmed by a copywriter-turned-philosopher.

You can pick it up EarthBound the book at Boss Fight Games, in electronic or paperback format.