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The NBA 2K13 launch party, reviewed by early twentysomethings

The NBA 2K13 launch party, reviewed by early twentysomethings

Last Wednesday, Kill Screen nightlife correspondents Drew Millard and Yannick LeJacq attened the launch party for NBA 2K13 at Jay-Z's 40/40 club in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood. After a night of celebrity-spotting, game-playing, beer-drinking, and head-nodding, the two convened on Gchat to consider what they had just witnessed.

7:19 PM Yannick: OK IM HERE


Yannick: oh ok

Yannick: anyways let's start talking about Jay Z

  since that's what struck me the most about this whole thing

 Drew: the "aura of jay-z" that surrounded the event?

  but never /truly/ materialized?

  and, ultimately, this is jay-z's week in new york

 7:23 PM Yannick: well maybe its an obvious thing to say that PR stunts are created to create an aura of spectatorship

  but videogames don't really have a cult of celebrity the way other types of entertainment do

  I think?

  I mean at PAX East the closest thing I saw was Ken Levine walking by a long line of cosplay nerds

7:25 PM and they starting whispering 'THAT'S KEN LEVINE'

  I dont think you could even get that close to Jay Z to start whispering about him

Drew: completely

Yannick: also

  you're forgetting the two other things that had to do with videogames

  that happened that night

 Drew: we saw a guy from rockstar

  and we actually played the game

 Yannick: oh

  I guess those too

7:27 PM I was going to say

  1) the DJ shouted "NBA 2K13"

  a bunch

  and then 2) Meek Mill said it right at the end of his set

7:28 PM the way he said it made me think that they told him he was only gonna get paid if he said "NBA 2K13"

7:30 PM Drew: i could see that

  he killed it though

7:32 PM it was just very odd

  like a rap concert and also a commercial

  well i guess all concerts are commercials for other things

7:33 PM Yannick: yeah

7:34 PM no I meant that he just sorta started to walk off

  and then was like

  "oh shit…NBA 2K13!"


  "there goes my dinner"

 Drew: to be fair, i would be surprised if meek mill cared about videogames at all

 Yannick: but yeah he was also performing in front of that giant screen showing the videogames

  so thats another video game type thing

7:35 PM Drew: yeah

 Yannick: also Ronnie was approximately five feet from us

 Drew: and the cocktail napkins all said "nba 2k13"

  ronnie is a human videogame character

 Yannick: and he's basically the real-life equivalent of the Gunzerker from Borderlands 2



 Drew: he will be the first human to have their skin replaced with pixels

  i played as ronnie/gunzerker actually

  it was unhelpful

7:36 PM Yannick: to preserve its magnificent sheen

  well ok

  seeing Ronnie was also what made me sad

 Drew: what do you mean?

 Yannick: that and Kris Humphries

  because like

 Drew: i never thought i would be in the same building as kris humphries

  and then be reminded of it by having a dj yell, "KRIS HUMPHRIES IN THE BUILDING"

7:37 PM Yannick: Jay Z was the only real famous person that was there besides Meek Mill

 Drew: to be fair, nas was there too

 Yannick: and I'm pretty sure Jay Z just showed up and then walked out the back

  HE WAS?!?!

 Drew: yeah

  he stayed for the entirety of meek mill

 Yannick: where was he

 Drew: he was in the VIP section that we weren't allowed up to

 Yannick: ahhhh

7:38 PM does Nas say anything about videogames?

 Drew: i think nas' presence there says something about his friendship with jay-z

  but i could see nas getting faded and playing call of duty for 12 hours straight

 Yannick: I wish 50 Cent had been there

7:39 PM that man understands the craft of virtual entertainment

 Drew: oh yeah

7:40 PM if 50 cent had executive produced that game it would have been nba jam

 Yannick: hahahahahaha

7:41 PM but what I was going to say before was just that Ronnie and the Jersey Shore's presence along with Kris Humphries just made it seem like 2K had probably paid Jay Z a shit ton of money to be the "executive producer" on a game

  just so they could throw a party at his club

  and then no famous people showed up

7:43 PM Drew: that's fair

  i mean it felt hollow, ultimately

7:44 PM on the other hand there was free beer so that was cool

 Yannick: I mean doesn't the videogame industry makes more money than any other part of the entertainment industry at this point?

  or its worth more

7:45 PM either way, the companies have a lot of money and aren't really sure how to take the next step to be culturally relevant/respected

 Drew: yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me

 Yannick: HOLY SHIT

 Yannick: realization

 Drew: hit me

 Yannick: its just like


  you know how Jay Z is like

7:46 PM the only rapper that's transitioned successfully into a super classy and ridiculously successful entertainment mogul/business man?

 Drew: yeah

 Yannick: THAT's what video game devs need

 Drew: yes

  i completely agree

  but it is also fairly different

7:47 PM Yannick: but right now theres just a bunch of people running around with too much money and a bunch of silly ideas

 Drew: because jay-z basically said, "yeah, i am the epitome of everything mainstream culture hates, but also you have to accept me

  and videogames are not driven by that same type of personality

 Yannick: "let's put a subwoofer in the floor, that'll be so badass!"

7:48 PM what did Jay Z do that mainstream culture hates

  besides being an incredible successful and talented black man

 Drew: crack

  he sold crack

7:49 PM Yannick: ah

  that'll do it

  well isn't that the whole problem though

  I mean everybody always says that games need a stronger cult of personality

7:50 PM but I started playing videogames because I didn't really care about those kinds of things

 Drew: is that true though? like if there were a super mainstream phil fish or something?

7:51 PM i started playing videogames because i was 9 years old

 Yannick: that too

7:52 PM my parents didnt really let me play videogames

  or my mom didnt

 Drew: well now we're just getting dark

 Yannick: Isn't that what Cliff Bleszinski is

  or Jon Blow

  they were both profiled in the atlantic and the new yorker

  those are pretty mainstream

7:53 PM Drew: eh, not really

  usa today is mainstream

  atlantic and nyer are mainstream mags that kind of deal with higher level ideas than most people enjoy dealing with

 Yannick: so we need game developers driving off cliffs with prostitutes and stuff?

 Drew: no

  we need gamedevelopers that sell crack

 Yannick: Cliff Bleszinski checking into rehab

7:54 PM Drew: okay speaking of which i'm going to see jay-z tonight and i gotta run